Thursday, October 4, 2012

1st birthday invitation cards

My daughter and her cousin have their birthdays 4 days apart. So I had to design two invites for their respective birthday parties.

I decided to go for a pink and chocolate brown combination for my daughter while a rainbow theme was chosen for the party for my niece. So here are the two invites that I came up with:

Friday, July 20, 2012

A new header for Aryan & Khushi

I owed a header to Swati for the blog of the kids that she maintained. Especially after the arrival of Khushi. The earlier one I had designed for her was in 2008.

So after I designed one for my kiddos, I asked her about what does she want. She was thoroughly confused. When I asked her what  does she want the header to have, this is what she wrote back  - 

"hmm ..I want but dont know what

May be I would like a fixed part and a dynamic part ..where i can upload different pics on different times :P 
I know thats not possible :)

I just cannot think of 1 pic to use there coz they both are grwing up every single day .

so may be i want something without a pic :P"

And I knew at that point of time that I would have to do it completely on my own. And thus this header was designed -

I wasn't 100% happy with it. I felt there is something missing but can't even pinpoint what. But for now she is happy so I'm letting it be :)

Header for my own blog

After designing headers for few blogs I realised I'vent updated my own since 2009. I like the headers of my blog to have pictures that have been clicked by me. And I do not prefer to use pictures of people but of everything else. Be it nature, architecture, landscapes etc.

So when I sat down to design the header for my blog I realised in the past 2 years I'vent been clicking as much as I used to. And that left me with very limited choices for the pictures to use. I finally zoomed in to a picture of dancing white peacock which I had captured in the Nainital Zoo in May 2012.

You may call it blowing my own trumpet but I really loved what I made -

How do you like it?

Thursday, July 12, 2012

A new header for the kids blog

Ever since the arrival of Nishka in our lives, I had moved the blog for Anirudh to a one for both of them. The header had been a simple background color for months and until I finally added a pic of them together. That was also just a stop gap solution.

So once I had some time on my hands about a week back I designed a 'proper' header for their blog. Here it is -

I wanted something simple and yet something crafty. I felt the above header fit the bill perfectly :)

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A header for Mama-Mia

After making a header years ago for Mama-Mia I owed her a new one big time. And after meeting her adorable kids in person recently added with the fact that she graciously welcomed me in her house, I had promised her that a new header would be my way of saying "Thank you!". This is the first cut and we might do some changes to it once she has some time on her hands.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Housewarming invitation

Designed a housewarming invitation card for the first time. Was quite confused in the beginning on the elements but the design started becoming clearer as I progressed. I was happy with the output.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Mariokart birthday invite

Designed this card for my son who was addicted to Mariokart and wanted his favourite character Luigi as a cake.

Had to pen down the words myself as I didn't like anything which was readily available on the internet. He was supper happy with the invite as well as with the cake.