Monday, December 15, 2008

Design for "Speaking up, Jotting down"

G mailed me complimenting me on my previous design works and asked if I can do one for her too. I responded back saying "Sure!" and asked her about what kind of design would she want. She replied back "I am a software pro from Bombay. A total fitness/sports freak, used to be a long distance swimmer in my teens. Give me a book and I will look up only when I am done reading. I binge on chocolate and coffee. I am typically like any other girl my age is... maybe a little more outdoorsy..have trekked /travelled a lot."

Besides this she wanted me to use the color whose hex code is 'AD568A' as this was one of her favorites currently. And the above design is what I came up with using her inputs.

I had designed another one for her, a bit on the artsy kinds, which she decided to keep for the next time. And that design is: