Friday, July 20, 2012

A new header for Aryan & Khushi

I owed a header to Swati for the blog of the kids that she maintained. Especially after the arrival of Khushi. The earlier one I had designed for her was in 2008.

So after I designed one for my kiddos, I asked her about what does she want. She was thoroughly confused. When I asked her what  does she want the header to have, this is what she wrote back  - 

"hmm ..I want but dont know what

May be I would like a fixed part and a dynamic part ..where i can upload different pics on different times :P 
I know thats not possible :)

I just cannot think of 1 pic to use there coz they both are grwing up every single day .

so may be i want something without a pic :P"

And I knew at that point of time that I would have to do it completely on my own. And thus this header was designed -

I wasn't 100% happy with it. I felt there is something missing but can't even pinpoint what. But for now she is happy so I'm letting it be :)

Header for my own blog

After designing headers for few blogs I realised I'vent updated my own since 2009. I like the headers of my blog to have pictures that have been clicked by me. And I do not prefer to use pictures of people but of everything else. Be it nature, architecture, landscapes etc.

So when I sat down to design the header for my blog I realised in the past 2 years I'vent been clicking as much as I used to. And that left me with very limited choices for the pictures to use. I finally zoomed in to a picture of dancing white peacock which I had captured in the Nainital Zoo in May 2012.

You may call it blowing my own trumpet but I really loved what I made -

How do you like it?

Thursday, July 12, 2012

A new header for the kids blog

Ever since the arrival of Nishka in our lives, I had moved the blog for Anirudh to a one for both of them. The header had been a simple background color for months and until I finally added a pic of them together. That was also just a stop gap solution.

So once I had some time on my hands about a week back I designed a 'proper' header for their blog. Here it is -

I wanted something simple and yet something crafty. I felt the above header fit the bill perfectly :)